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Anti Aging Massage

Anti-Aging Facial Relax Massage slims, defines and lifts the face. "Pyramid of youth": the sleek lower face, the defined jawline and the voluminous cheekbones but with the age and sagging the process become a "Inverter Pyramid" to fight against the Relax Anti Aging Facial Massage to preserves their youthful appearance and vitality. Under the effect of massage, the skin regains its naturally stiff, flexible and youthful properties Increases collagen production The muscles of the skin strengthen, with a visible reduction of wrinkles and facial lines. Encourages detoxification of the skin The explanation is very simple your skin needs stimulation and the special massage techniques is a workout for the face. Yes, overtime the skin becomes more "stagnant."

To work against the gravity
⬆️ Lift maneuvers

Defined facial contours /shape
✂️Pressure maneuvers

Oxygenation//Glow skin 
Petrissage pinching

Voluminous Cheekbones
⬆️⬇️ Fan maneuvers

A special protocol with the goal to bring life, vitality strengthens and nutrients by way of increased circulation. Release any blockages in the muscles, skin, and fascia that are preventing optimal circulation and release tension that we don’t need to carry with us. When we release tension and restore optimal circulation, deep lines can soften, skin becomes rosy and plump again, and worry and strain can melt from the face.



| Cleansing

| Enzyme Peel 

| Eye and Lip Boost

| Lifting Massage 

| Special Mask

| Serum or Ampoule

| Individual finish cream tailor Casmara

Price:75€ /50mn

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