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Anti-Cellulite Intensive Oil

Discover the Intensive Anti-Cellulite Oil with a power ingredients carefully formulated to eliminate rebellious cellulite. It penetrates deeper into the skin if you add your cellulite cream the result is more effective. 



BEST SLIMMING TREATMENT: helps eliminate toxins, fat, cellulite and firm the skin.


ELIMINATES "THE ORANGE PEEL": shapes the silhouette and acts on problem areas: buttocks, hips, thighs, arms and abdomen.


100% NATURAL OIL: almond, soy, sesame, basil, lemon, rosemary and juniper essential oils. Essential oils are among the vehicles with the best skin absorption and the only ones with the ability to penetrate the bloodstream.


ANTI-CELLULITE OIL: each component used in this oil plays a key role in helping with a global treatment process: detox, improving circulation, drainage, anti-inflammatory, firming and fat burning.


MADE IN FRANCE: this brand is used in Ritual Spa and Aesthetic Institutes. With natural and innovative active ingredients to develop sensory cosmetology. Recognized for its effectiveness and high tolerance. Cruelty-Free.

Active Ingredients and Actions:

- Sesame oil: has astringent qualities. It is regenerating, moisturizing and firming.

- Almond Oil: it is a light and nourishing oil.

- Juniper: very effective on fat deposits. It has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves painful cellulite sensations with water retention.

- Lemon: all citrus essential oils (orange, lime, orange, tanger

ine, grapefruit) help reduce fat cells. They prevent the accumulation of lymph and help to firm the skin. However, lemon essential oil has some special characteristics. It is a powerful fat burner, excellent diuretic and blood cleanser, characteristics that help eliminate fluids and toxins. Its healing power acts on subcutaneous fibrosis, reducing edema and thus the appearance of cellulite. Stimulating the circulatory system and micro-circulation, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieves pressure in the veins, providing a great ally to prevent and treat varicose veins. ​

- Rosemary: is a diuretic and lymphatic, excellent. It is irreplaceable in the treatment of cellulite, water retention and fat reduction. ​


Cellulite affects 90% of women, but that's no excuse to throw our hands in the air in defeat. Get rid of cellulite with this amazing skin cellulite treatment. Feel the ingredients start working immediately after applying the oil and if you want to maximize the treatment add our aesthetic tretments.

Price: 35€

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