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Bambu Remodeling
Brazilian Butt Lifit / Silhouette Slimming

This treatment is a double shock treatment, consisting first of an intensive Remodeling massage + Bamboo massage. 

This Massage works in cellulite and fat storage capacity that is high in the butt, legs,hips, abdomen,waist.

Bamboo have a very useful detox and draining effect to combat flakiness,cellulite and slimming. The pressure exerted by bamboo is excellent for eliminating fat nodules and reaffirming the worked areas, surprising  results in glutes. 


The Bambu Beauty & Wellness provides its customers with a protocol  with professional line cosmetics to enhance its effect on treatment. It is made with a *cocktail of Essential Oils ,to draining, reaffirming, anti-cellulite effect + with a Slimming reducing cream.

*Essential oils (penetrate deep into the bloodstream) serving as a vehicle for the cream, which will boost your treatment.

Protocol Butt+Legs+Hips

Protocol Abdomen+ Waist

Price: 75€

Packs 8/10/12 treatments = 1 treatment free

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