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Bambu Facial

Bamboo Facial Massage is the Natural BOTOX-like, boosted effect.
Is the most effective massage to relax the face, induce the state of nirvana because give a deep relaxation to all nerve endings in the head and muscles.
Works as a double relaxing and De-stressing action, to the micro-stress and micro-tensions, is a old therapy to give a neuro-relaxing action to treat expression lines and deep wrinkles.

Like Botox relaxed the tensions linked to the natural mobility of the muscles of the face blocking the release of acetylcholine (neurotransmitters of skin relaxation) by reducing the stress messengers . 
The features relax and the skin, more zen, retains its freshness longer.

- Neuro-relaxing action
- Neuro-destressing action
- Erase Wrinkles
- Boost Circulation
- Natural Facelift
- Improves Lymphatic System
- Relives Muscle Pain: Neck...
- Relives Stress
- Promotes Better Sleep



| Cleansing

| Enzyme Peel 

| Eye and Lip Boost

| Lifting Massage with special mask

| Serum or Ampoule

| Individual finish cream tailor skincare Casmara

Price:75€ /50mn

No Spa

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