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Cryo HydraFacial Ice Platinum

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The practice originated in Japan around 1978 in medical intervention, after using for aesthetics treatments, Superlifting effect that tightens skin.


The Cryofacial benefits:


-Anti-Ageing effect
-Oxygenation of the skin
-Glowy boost
-Improve blood circulation
-Puffiness & Swelling

-Jawline/Neck/ Décolleté sculpting/firming
-Improve Cheek/Lips contour

-Promotes Collagen/Elastin production
-Helps reduce inflammation in skin:

- Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis



| Cleansing

| AqcuaFacial Cleanse Peel

| EMS+ gel Bielenda PRO Hyaluronic Acid

| ColdHammer ❄️Cryo firming effect

| Hyaluronic Cryo Mask 

| Cryo Sheet Mask

| Cryo Tools Massage

| Serum or Ampoule

| Individual finish cream tailor Casmara

Price 75€ / 50 mn

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