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Deep Cleanse Detox Body

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Healing clay for acne and impure skin.

About eight out of ten teenagers are affected by acne. But many adults also suffer from impure skin with excess sebum formation.

For treatment or care, the natural remedy healing clay offers a natural alternative that visibly improves the complexion. Face masks with  healing clay have a gentle anti-inflammatory, degreasing, pore-deep cleansing effect and ingrown hairs that become dark spots and dark skin in this specific areas.


Ingrown hairs cause bumps, which are often itchy, where a hair has grown back into the skin.

Ingrown hairs can look like raised, itchy bumps on the skin.


On white skin the bumps may look red. Redness may be harder to see on black or brown skin, but they may look a different colour to the surrounding skin.


Sometimes you can see a hair trapped under the skin.


Infected ingrown hairs can be painful. You may see pus in the bumps.


You are more likely to get ingrown hairs in areas you shave, such as:






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Is a breath and optimal for the skin health.


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