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Deep Cleanse Detox AcquaFacial Black

New Frontier of Deep Cleansing 

First step to reboot your skin

Youth Activator

Oxygenated skin 

Resurfacing action

Pore refinement

Even complexion

Anti-Pollution effect

Instant Detox

Optimal skin health



- Casmara Skincare Cleanser Detox

- AcquaFacial: Dermoabrasion 3 Peels

-Cocktail Enzyme Peel+Scrub+Vit.C masK

- Steam Ozone Cleanser*hot open pores

* Perfect Skin Pro: Lotion Desincrustante combats blocked pores

- Extracion

- Ultrasonic Peeling

- Casmara Purifying Algae Peel Off Mask Detox

- ColdHammer/Cryo Tools Crio firming effect /close pores

- Eye & Lips boost

- Facial Gym Massage Hydra Boost Mask

- Serum Detox 

- Cream Detox

- Sunscreen 

- krior: skincare routine 

Experience a new dimension with the our Protocol BB&W for boost, radiantly beautiful complexion with visibly refined pores and let your skin breathe.

The ultimate cleansing free of oil, dirt,clogged pores, impurities, toxins, chemist, pollution...

Improve cell renewal and the oxygenation of the skin.

Makes particularly tired, stressed, dehydrated skin youthfully fresh and radiant again.

Prepares the skin optimally for subsequently skincare and treatments

It removes impurities and dirt , has a purifying effect and detoxifies the skin.

A true fountain of youth for the any skin, tired, dull, oily, stressed skin. Try it! 


Price: 100€/ 80 mn

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