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Glow & Brightness

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Is your skin tired, devitalized, dull, with wrinkles spots and you want a brightening effect ?

Bambu Glow& Brightness recovers photo-aged an reduces the appearance of wrinkles and supports collagen production, promoting firmer skin and giving it a glowing appearance. Signs of uneven skin tone and blemishes will fade with use. It prevents ultraviolet-induced photodamage and mitigates the effects of sun exposure.

It provides brightness; it clarifies and improves the look of photo-aged and acne-prone skin types.

This treatment is a powerful for skin devitalized, opaque, without light. This active ingredients minimizes signs of tiredness, restores vitality, increase collagen, treat wrinkles and expression wrinkles.

Vitamin C for radiant skin! A booster that recharges the skin's energy, offering an immediate glow to the complexion, reducing signs of fatigue. 

The energy kick with anti-aging effect



| Cleansing Casmara

| Enzyme Peel Vit. C + Scrub Peel

| Bielenda Pro Vit C Shock Mask 

| Lifting Massage

| Sheet Mask Glow Booster

| Eye and Lip Boost

| Ampoule Concentrate Perfect Glow

| Glow Cream Casmara

Come try, we are waiting for you!!!

Price 75€ / 50mn

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