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SkinBooster Holistic

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Skinbooster is a procedure with 3 Steps is going to increase Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin and Collagen specific for Sagging, Wrinkles, Contour Loss.


Step 1 AcquaFacial + Casmara Skincare Products

Cleanse Peel + Aqua Peeling AcquaFacial

Casmara Enzymatic Peeling to clean the deep pores of excess oil,dirt.

Improves receptive to subsequent treatments and skincare.
Double treatment/ Maximum Results.

Step 2 Ion Oxygen Pen


Macromolecular effectiveness allows that Hyaluronic Acid target into the deeper layers of the skin. Holistic approach 80% effectiveness as the injection of dermal fillers into deep layers of the skin. 
The result? A hydrated and plump complexion.

Step 3 Led Light Therapy Mask


Stimulates 3x more the Collagen that helps to give the skin firmness and foundation, while Elastin helps to give the skin suppleness and elasticity.

AntiAge + AntiWrinkle intensive treatment that treats expression wrinkles, aged skin, returns firmness, fills and improves the overall appearance of the skin

The Fundamental Trio In Skincare essential to come into play - the building block for the plumping, strengthening, hydrating and supporting


Oxygen Facial 101_ How Does It Work, Pro

Price: 120€ / 50 mn

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