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Kobido Japonese Lifting

“Vogue tested: Kobido facial lift promises to replace aesthetic procedures for rejuvenation ! Get to know the massage rescued from the rituals of the oriental nobles of the 17th century.” – Vogue magazine.

“Kobido, the Japanese beech massage that promises instant lifting” – Marie Claire magazine.

“Kobido: discover the Japanese massage that rejuvenates. The ancient method is capable of preventing and smoothing wrinkles, combating facial flaccidity and leaving the skin glowing”

Kobido , which means path to beauty, is a Japanese facial massage with quick, light and precise movements. 
Performed initially only on Japanese royalty. It is an ancient technique capable of smoothing and preventing wrinkles and expression lines ,combating facial sagging .  
Lifts the expression as it performs an instant lifting , making the improvement in the facial contour visible .  

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, tones the muscles of the face, like a "workout" for the muscles of the face that are not being stimulated , revitalizes and visibly improves the condition of the skin. It is completely natural, safe and non-invasive, and can replace aesthetic procedures for rejuvenation . It works meridians and acupuncture points producing a pleasant sensation of relaxation. Includes cleansing and facial exfoliation. Works the neck, head, face and chest.
Kobido Facelift Japonese.



| Cleansing

| Enzyme Peel 

| Eye and Lip Boost

| Lifting Massage with special mask

| Serum or Ampoule

| Individual finish cream tailor Casmara

Shock Treatment:1 x week

8/10/12 Packages


Price:75€ /50mn

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