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Miracle Touch Lipo Sculpt

Feliz Páscoa (1).png

Miracle Touch is exclusive in Bambu Beauty & Wellness in Köln/ Düsseldorf Germany I'm the only Therapist with the Certificate of the Renata França Method you can check on the website of Spa Renata França your therapist 


This is a mixture of exclusive maneuvers applied in the lymphatic drainage and the shaping massages as conceived by the Renata França method. It works like an immediate manual LipoSculpture that ensures skin uniformity and enhances muscle definition. Its unique touch reduces measures and swelling and transforms skin texture with results that are visible in the first session. Continuous treatment using this technique ensures a perfect silhouette and a highly modeled body.


The same of Brazilian Lymphdrainage recommendation/ maintenance 


Price 100€ / 50mn

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