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CoolClear by Coolifting Clarifying Effect

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CooL ifting COOLCLEAR was developed to add a clarifying effect to the anti-aging effect. COOLCLEAR is particularly suitable for people with different skin pigmentation. COOLCLEAR is used to unify skin tones with pigment differences. The pigment spots are not eliminated, but are significantly reduced. The treatment is not whitening, but rather a clarifying effect.

What active ingredients does it contain?

The composition is based on the same as CooLifting, but additional active ingredients such as kojic acid, vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside) and glycolic acid are added


To achieve the desired results, continuous use of 6-8 sessions is required (1-2 per week). For further treatment, 1 to 2 individual sessions per month are sufficient. The course of treatment is the same as CooLifting.

Side effects

As a rule, none are known - however, with COOLCLEAR the additional active ingredients can cause allergic reactions, so the customer should ask beforehand whether they react to one of the active ingredients. Normally the customer knows his intolerances.


COOLCLEAR gives the skin a clear and balanced complexion with different skin pigmentation. Furthermore - as with CooLifting - a smoothing of the skin's appearance is achieved, e.g. bliss wrinkles, nasolabial folds, eye wrinkles, frown lines, tightening of the lower limb area, contour tightening, etc.

Number of sessions

The cooling protocol consists of:

– Single session: Immediate effect in a single session, a more radiant appearance and encouraged hydration of the skin.

It can be the beginning of a multiple session treatment with a more lasting effect.

– Multiple treatment protocol: 3-4 sessions in one month (1 per week) for a more lasting youthful look, increased radiant appearance, encouraged hydration of the skin.

– Maintenance treatment: One session every month.

Price 149€/50mn

Packages 8/10/12 40%=1 Free

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