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Pindas Massage

The Massage with Pindas is made with (bags made of cotton with herbs, seeds and essential oils) it gives a feeling of immense relief, the relaxing  effect and the pressure exerted completely decompresses our body.


It's a millennial method of massage based on plants and oils with  multiple functions, used to massage the whole body and assist in the relief of muscle pains. 


Heating generates the heat that has dual function in this technique, it  serves both to release the active principles of herbs, as well as to enhancethe therapeutic effect of massage. The main benefits:

- Combat tiredness;

- It is indicated for people with respiratory problems;

- Hydrates the skin and removes the dead cells;

- Activates circulation;

- Assists in strengthening the immune system;

- Eliminates toxins. 


Price: 75€ /40mn

Massage aux pochons chauds _ tout savoir sur le modelage aux pochons - Elle_edited.jpg
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