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Purifying + Poreless

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If you are looking for skin care with which you can perfectly care for your skin prone to impurities, then we recommend the Purifying Protocol .

Is specially formulated to moisturizer oily skin prone to pimples and blackheads, leaving it looking cleaner and clarified with a fresh complexion .

It regulates sebum production ,mattifies, helps purified skin with a refined appearance.

Regulate excessive sebum production in oily skin and ensure that excess sebum can drain off better by optimizing the natural sloughing process on the skin's surface.

This effectively prevents the formation of new impurities.

In addition, the regeneration of the skin is stimulated, which means that pimples and other skin irritations can heal faster.

Finally refine large pores? The intensive facial relies on the power of the active ingredients, with the help of which large pores are minimized and other skin blemishes become less visible. At the same time, it improves the skin's ability to retain moisture, keeping it ideally hydrated.


| Cleansing
| Acquafacial Facial Cleanse Peel Dermabrasion
| Cocktail Peel Enzyme Diamond+Crystal+ Scrub+ Mask Powder Vit.C
| Eye and Lip Boost
| Special mask+ Cryo Tools
| Matte Finish Ampoule
| Purifying cream Casmara


Price 75€ / 50min

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