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Relax Reflexology

Relaxation Reflexology is a massage technique with an immediate effect of deep relaxation throughout the body, accompanied by the feeling of physical well-being and inner peace.


Its origin and history of Podal Reflexology. The art of healing through  podal reflexology has been practiced in China and Japan for thousands of years. Reflexology is a healing art. It is based on the principle that each internal organ of the body is represented in the plant of the feet  by means of nerve endings. It stimulates or balances our body systems and unlocks the energy that flows again, an essential condition for  restoring physical and psychic health and



Reflexology the light pressure on the reflex points on the feet - which are connected to all nerve endings - creates a feeling of inner well-being.
Reflexology, the pressure that heals!

Have also a Therapeutic effect to reboot your immune system.

Relax Foot Reflexology is a treatment that identifies the areas of your body that are having problems or to improve, maximize the body healing and relaxation.

When massaging, the Therapist feels a different texture, realizing where the problem is.
And you feel loosing a huge weight, a big pressure came off the body, is unbelievable what feet can do, to entirely body and relief.
The meridian points are connected to each organ, and these are a stimulus to make all organs work at 100% creating the conditions for internal and self-regulation processes to work.

The feeling is when you finish and you walk you are in a cloud , relief, refresh, because you pampering one of the areas of the body that are constantly demanding of effort


Come try Relax Reflexology!


Price 50€ / 35mn

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