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Signature BB&W Facial Luxury Ocean Miracle

A Masterpiece of Anti- Ageing effect.


Beauty from deep within! 

Pure luxury indulgence for the skin with active ingredients powerful from the:



Deep Sea

Effective Anti-Aging

Wakame Seaweed

is a natural ingredient which has become very fashionable in recent years and has started being used in both foods and cosmetic products. Originally from Japanese waters, this seaweed has been harvested for millennia in Japan and Korea and has undoubtedly become the most consumed seaweed in the West. 

Some active ingredients in Japan and Korean are 20 years ahead with resources, technology and performance


-Premier CRU Skincare COLLECTION

In a youthful face, the cheeks are firm, and the facial contour is defined. With age, cheeks lose their firmness, the lower part of the face stretches, and the facial contour loses definition. Wakame Seaweed extract helps to prevent the “Triangle of Beauty” from becoming inverted.

Discover the Ocean Miracle treatment.



Besides Wakame Seaweed, its active ingredients include: HyadisineTM, a powerful 24-hour moisturizing active ingredient which retains 97% more water than hyaluronic acid; JUVENESSENCE®: a rejuvenating active ingredient extracted from Alaria Esculenta seaweed, which stops and reverses cellular aging (cell-detox); and SEA WATER CONCENTRATE: revitalizing and toning marine plasma.

After two weeks of beauty care with OCEAN MIRACLE, skin is rejuvenated: 85% more toned, 90% firmer and 70% more hydrated.



Phase 1: The first tube contains a scrub composed of 3 non-aggressive acids, natural extracts and silk proteins. It gently removes toxins and pollutants in the skin by removing the top layer and dead skin cells.


Phase 2: The gel has a relaxing and pore-expanding effect; Blackheads are softened, making manual cleaning easier.


Phase 3: The oxygen mask supplies the skin with the extra dose of oxygen it needs to be fully functional. It stimulates cell respiration, increases the flow of nutrients and has a germicidal effect.


Phase 4: The intelligent serum with the cosmetic drone technology releases energy in the cells in a targeted manner so that they can be stimulated and function optimally.


Phase 5: The green peel-off mask with seaweed extract and minerals has a particularly moisturizing and calming effect. An important ingredient is mint, which gives the pleasant feeling of intense freshness.


Phase 6: At the end of the treatment, the particularly nourishing cream provides the skin with intensive moisture again without weighing it down, thus perfectly rounding off the cleansing and regenerating effect of the treatment.

Price:120€ /80mn

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