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Shock Lifting/Sculpt Eyes/Lips/Jawline/Neck

Feliz Páscoa (1).png

Firming Sculpting treatment is a shock contouring treatment that targets the most problematic areas that need extra care and focus as we age, for a facial rejuvenating action.
The causes of aging of these specific areas are: loss of elasticity, excess fat, water retention (which can make the face appear puffy or swollen), poor posture...

Cryo mask effect+ Cryo Ice Globes
This treatment reshapes, drains and detoxifies your face, adding elasticity,anti-wrinkles, treats double chin, reabsorbing excess fluids and toxins.

The procedure is made with 2 Masks and ❄️Cryo therapy.



- Casmara Cleanse

- HydraFacial Cleanse Peel

- EMS+ gel Bielenda PRO Hyaluronic Acid

- ColdHammer ❄️Cryo firming effect

- Bleu & Marine Bretania Peel-Off alginate mask Firming/Draining effect 

- Hyaluronic Cryo Mask with Compressed CRYO Mask

- Cryo Ice Tools Massage

- Eye & Lips boost Casmara

- Ampoule or Serum Casmara

- Individual finish cream tailor Casmara

- Sunscreen Casmara

- KRIOR: skincare homecare routine 

❄️Cryo Therapy:increases fat burning through thermogenesis, which is the body’s process of generating heat. The thermal shock triggers deep layers of collagen resulting in regained elasticity and tighter skin, also cause vasoconstriction when the skin is exposed to the extreme cold the blood vessels contract, firming and tightening skin. and improve circulation.

Price 90€ / 50mn

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