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Sports Massage

All athletes have the desire to improve their physical ability to be more  competitive, exceed their goals or simply have a feeling of well-being.  A suitable training plan is able to increase endurance, speed and strength, but the problem arises with the increased requirement of the workouts, as it can lead to the emergence of muscle injuries. 


Sports massage thus arises as a way to encourage muscles to recover after training, because it relieves all tension and helps to remove  lactic acid  from muscles. Thus, blood and oxygen can return to muscles at a  normal rate and make an effective repair of muscle tissues, making them  stronger and more resistant.

The Sports Massage is composed of a set of techniques for the manipulationof the musculoskeletal structures, but with a particular incidence in crucial  body areas to the sport activity, adding specific features reinforced both in  terms of the pressure exerted and the location, speed of execution and  intensity, as well as using mobilizations and stretches as an essential  complement. 


Sports massage should be considered as complementary activity to physical exercise, making it as important as feeding and supplementation.

Price: 40€ / 20mn

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